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  1. I don't know if it is a good idea but I was thinking that my Charging building could be saved for public use? I don't know; people like to use it and it's a nice design too.
  2. Is the server going to have 2 BACKUPS this time for the restart?
  3. it would just be nice to see a nice amount of people on the other server as well as tekkit, i mean the other one just has a spawn (no real staff 12/7 or news boards)
  4. hmm, can you think of anyway to make the pack more known?
  5. I see your point. But it's the host that is the thing to look for. Gen is already paying for the tekkit lite server already a price and moving the server to another kind of modpack could mean more or less money going out of his pockets. :/
  6. yes, the mod in the tekkit lite modpack are outdated. And there is always the M3:TP modpack that GenericTag and Mad3ngneer made that you can find here. It has some of the mods you're familiar with but adds a twist: the pack is not made to be easy. Filled with magical and mysterious things for you to find out.
  7. This thread has been very quiet for the past week or so...
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