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  1. I downloaded the Flans ww2 pack and installed it properly but the game crashed when i shot the funs it added and the vehicle textures did NOT show up. Is it that pack and if it is are there any other packs that are known to work, please help thanks.
  2. Tekkit 1.2.8d doesnt want to work......Aliens

  3. I have restarted my computer, and updated Java, but the only version of Tekkit I can play is 1.2.7b. I dont know what else I can do.
  4. I honestly do not know why it wont work, my computer is windows and the tekkit is on reccomended builds and it still wont work. BUT it is like that for almost everything, i cant play reccomended, b-team, tekkit, or hexxit.
  5. My Tekkit wont work at all, I've tried resetting the pack but every time I go to play it opens up, doesnt respond for 3 seconds and closes, can anyone help me.
  6. My tekkit 1.2.8d wont work plzz help

    1. aw3someness101


      It keeps "opening" and closing
    2. Munaus


      post in Bug Reports
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