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  1. Wilsonrost 19 I have been playing tekkit since technic pack was still a thing I typically like whitelist servers better they are smaller and people get to know each other better. They also promote trust rather than making it a challenge to find new ways to grief.
  2. Wilsonrost Been playing tekkit since Technic was still a thing I was playing minecraft at the launch of infdev I am also good at teaching and have experience with server administration if you want that.
  3. I am assume its a v2 server? But yes, I'll help. I have run servers as an admin before and have helped other servers out.
  4. So I mean this problem has probably been beaten to death but is there any way to make a build of 3.x.x Voltz work? I have had no luck turning up any answers for that question in basic searches.
  5. Thank you very much for your snappy replies.
  6. Is it Technic pack side or mod developers side?
  7. So I am browsing around the Tekkit forums and I am hit with this very sad prospect: Voltz seems dead. This was one of my favorite mod packs and I don't exactly understand why I died. It had a lot to offer especially with the newer updates for Mekanism and such. I hope we can bring it back to life. Anyone else second that?
  8. What was the creation you were most proud of that you created in Tekkit?
  9. From my understanding, as long as the items being transferred were say Vanilla and from my previous tinkerings with modded minecraft, as long as the client has all the mods pooled collectively from all the servers then as the mods are used per server they will activate and de-activate. So as long as the items being transfered are configured under the same ID # the carry over should work.
  10. I run both a Tekkit and an Attack of the B-team server. Recently I discovered that they both run qCraft and thus the quantum portal can be used to teleport interserver. The problems lies in that Tekkit and AotBt boot as different packs in the launcher and thus don't share their mods. What would be the best way forward for a hybrid launch so that one could teleport between servers allowing the transfer of compatible gear from the pure Tekkit server to the pure AotBt server then back again?
  11. Were you by chance attempting to travel vertically? Like to a portal above another?