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  1. Thank you so much! I uninstalled the old java manually and now it works. Kind of...Now when I press play minecraft opens up but it is stuck on the mojang screen and it says "not responding" at the top. I tried uninstalling it again and it still doesn't work. I get one problem fixed and now there's another!
  2. I did use that site, I did it again and it says "You have the recommended Java installed version 7 update 51" It also says that there are no out-of-date versions found.
  3. The technic launcher opens up fine, but when I select the modpack and hit play it loads and then the launcher disappears for a second and comes back like nothing happened. I have updated Java and the Java website told me that all previous javas were uninstalled. I have also uninstalled and installed it many times. Please help, thanks.