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  1. I own a small attack of the b team server and am looking for an admin/plugin manager who has experience and knows what they are doing... message me here if you think you wanna help Requirement - Must be at least 16 but have the maturity level of an adult at least.... I dont wanna be changing pampers Must have experience with managing mods, plugin, and fixing general problems.
  2. Send me a message here wtih your skype info... seems youtube is being weird and not sending me all my messages
  3. yes thats what i meant... i used the ball of moss not the slime ball do you have to be walking around? or will flying in bat mode word?
  4. I am looking for a few MATURE people to play on my AotBT server.... I have a white list and a couple people who play already. I use the server to not only have fun with friends but also to record my videos for youtube and twitch.tv. I need only people who can behave like they have some sense or you will be booked right away. Skype is a must. Also if you end up in one of my videos on voice you need to have a decent working mic... i've worked hard and spent alot of money to get the mic I have (needing one more piece to the puzzle to get it perfect) dont want anyone on mic worse them me lol Leave me a message on my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC96tEGdlih___LJzXf0lscQ and I will get back to you as soon as i can.... see you soon!!!! EDIT: Send me a private message here ... seems I'm not getting all my messages on youtube *kicks the box*
  5. I have searched all over the internet to get answers but have found nothing yet. I made a alumite hammer with paper tough rod with several multiplies such as lapis, red stone, emerald, and ball of slime. For some reason the ball of slime isnt working. Yes i made it from mossy cobble.. not naturally generated mossy cobble.. stuff I made myself. I have tried keeping it in my hot bar, in my inventory, in a chest, on a drying rack, on a drying rack in the sun and nothing has helped yet. I have flown around with it mostly until I seen someone say you need to walk around with it so morphed back into myself and walked around my lavender field for 3 days and nothing has fixed it. What have I done wrong? how can I make this work? I am ready to make a cleaver with manyullyn and would love to put 2 paper tough rods on it so i can get more modifiers but I cant unless I get this auto repair with the ball of slime to work.... its either that or a full cleaver top to bottom manyullyn and lose the extra modifiers Went into my test world and found out that the balls of slime do repair the cleavers but I cant get them to repair the hammers... any ideas?
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