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  1. Okay thank you for replying I will send the Details to the owner and I will get back too you @ CJAY2002 gekkoman1985
  2. Hello, if any of you lovely people are looking for an attack of the Bteam sever that is Hosted in Australia cause I know how hard it is to find one please feel free to fill out the following and I will send you The Ip Name: IGN: Skype (if owned): Email: Age ( Do not have to say its just helpful ) Also why do you want to play on this server:
  3. Too anyone who is looking For an Attack of the Bteam sever that is Hosted in Australia

  4. Username: ALPHACREEPER34 Skype: Jack Davies or [email protected] Age: 16 Timezone: GMT+10 Why i want to be on your sever: Because im looking for a great Aussie sever that me and my mates can have a Tone of fun on!
  5. How Old am I: 16 Why i want to join your sever: Because I want to play Attack of the Bteam with friends, offline is so boring Skype: Jack Davies
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