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  1. Glaives and scythes special attacks are AOE; therefore its useful. The decapitate augment is useful as well for summoning the Wither; no more ridiculously low drop rates.
  2. I guess don't block the Hydra's fireballs? Seems like a error to take up with the Asgard Shield mod-maker.
  3. The Manualshoot is the best craftable hookshot in Better Dungeons, but the Spiderhook is a boss drop, and therefore significantly better as it has increased stats.
  4. The Spider hook will sometimes fail to stick, but not that often. It's the price you pay to be able to stick onto anything.
  5. Once you've removed all of the ingots, you can just break and replace the Smeltery Controller to reset the Smeltery.
  6. Is it a thunderstorm? During one, the white grass (Mystic Shrubs) gets supercharged and will hit you with a lightning bolt if you run over it.
  7. If you craft an Altar of Souls and a Crucible of Souls you can give your tools unique enchants, create Bottles o' Enchanting, and create Soulweave Cloth. You can also drink Souls to be given a random potion effect (good or bad) and Hunger.
  8. Did you try shift clicking with an empty hand?
  9. By creating heart canisters, that stack up to 10 and add a heart each.
  10. Yes, it should be possible.
  11. Just placing a bookshelf 2 horizontally, with no movement on the vertical plane will let it count.
  12. The ore slot is in the top, and putting a pipe on the top takes the ore out. The dust slot is on the side, so putting the pipe on the side will take the dust out.
  13. You're attaching your pipe to the wrong side, and to get refined iron you smelt ordinary iron in a furnace.
  14. The enchantment application? No, that's supposed to happen. Full details can be found in the ingame book, "Materials and You Volume 2"
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