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  1. HELP! it says the voltz server is 2.0.4 and the server version is 1.5.2 but every update I click on in the select manual build the minecraft launcher is minecraft 1.6.4
  2. age:14 timezone and country of residence: pacific, Canada knowledge of minecraft/voltz: I have been playing vanilla minecraft since 1.4.2 beta and have played a little bit of voltz, could figure out a lot of recipes quick enough the idea of the server that attracts me to the server is that in case the regular servers are down or if im really bored I have a server to turn to I would love to group with people or u I do understand the differences of normal voltz servers and your sever idea my minecraft username is kerifullerton (all lowercase) the email is [email protected] if u could tell me your email for the server ip that would be great.
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