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  1. IGN: Drpenutbutter73 AGE: 15 Maturity Level: I consider myself very mature Favorite Mods: Power Armor, and Industrial Craft Why do you want to join: I'm looking for a server that i can have fun pvp battles and not have all that Grief protection. I'm looking for a server where there can be two teams and its always a battle between each of them.
  2. -14 - Mountain Time, Canada - I have played Minecraft, Tekkit Classic/Lite, Hexxit, and I know how to create and use items properly. - I want to have another YouTube series and i was looking for a Voltz server that I can do it on. ​- I am willing to group up with players, but I'm hoping to be a lone wolf for most of the game play, because of the series thing. - Yes Grieffing is useless to me and all i want is a server (Minecrack based friendship) that i can have fun and pvp others. Please contact me by email: [email protected] or by cell phone text messaging, number: 1(403)702-2471 ​I look forward in hearing a response from you in the near future.
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