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  1. Hey guys In about 3 hours im going to buying and paying for a tekkit lite server. And i want other people to have a server they can play if im going to spend my money. Spread the love! Please just fill this out so i have a general idea on what ill be adding to the whitelist. Thanks guys! IGN: AGE: Maturity Level: Favorite Mods: Why do you want to join: Thanks again! Server will be open around 3:30 EST
  2. Hello everyone! I created a tekkit lite server a few days ago and just been playing solo on it by myself. Wanted to open the doors for others so i can have company on the server! Please fill in the information below so i can figure out who would fit in the most. IGN: AGE: Maturity Level: Favorite Mods: Why do you want to join: Ill be on the remainder of the day until 5:30 EST and ill be back around 10 EST, so ill be watching this post for other until then. After 10 ill be back to the post. TY!
  3. Keep applying people! We slowly add poeple! As we find out whos active and whos not!
  4. Please check back at your Inbox if you may have been added!
  5. Hey guys! I'm starting a new AOTBT server, and am looking for people to fill the open slots. I'm not looking for anyone in particular, just trustworthy people to play with. Just please fill out this application and ill see into whitelisting the people who seem to be a nice fit. This will be a small community server. AGE: IGN: MATURITY LEVEL: SKYPE: WHY YOU WANT TO JOIN: Thanks guys!
  6. Minecraft name: Whitestar_23 Age 18 Why you want to join: Been looking for a small community to join! I love this mod pack! Your greatest Minecraft strengths: Helping others and helping with builds. Your Minecraft Weaknesses: PvP. Never really kill others. How often you will be on: If im not at school, or with my girlfriend. Ill be on.4-5 hours daily if i dont have GF Aggro.
  7. Minecraft Username - Whitestar_23 Are you a YTer? No Youtube ------- I'd love to be a dedicated player! I love this mod pack!
  8. Hello! Im have a hosted ten slot, tekkit classic server that im looking to build a small community on! I feel as a smaller group of guys/gals is more fun to play minecraft with then a big group of people, Smaller community, close knit people! RULES. 1.No greifing! Will get banned! 2. No Stealing! 3. No killing someone for the hell of it! Thats it! Server IP is Have a open server and want to get people in it! Its a shame to have a server and no one to play with! Server will be up 24/7 besides updates and any problems the host might have! You must post your application on this thread! APPLICATION 1. What is your IGN? 2. How old are you? 3. What timezone are you in? 4. What experience do you have in Tekkit Classic? 5. Will you have Voice chat available? 6. Would you use it? 7. Would you rather have Skype or Teamspeak? Thank you, I hope to see you guys soon!
  9. Hello! I have a HOSTED server with ten slots. Tekkit Classic installed and ready to play. I'v been playing it by myself as of late and want others to fill the spots! PM me here or add my on skype! Thanks guys! (Skype: Whitestar_23)
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