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  1. Minecraft username. -> XxNinjaxX Skype username. -> Will be willing to give upon request Are you willing to use teamspeak? ->Yes Age. -> 15 What Server are you applying for? -> MC Legends What is your Time Zone? ->Mountain Time Zone (UTC-07:00) How active will you be on MC Legends? ->I will be active on weekdays from 2:40 to 4:45, on weekends I am busy with family. Are you willing to follow the guidelines and rules? ->Of course, that's what admins and other staffs are supposed to enforce. I was not willing to follow these rules then I shouldn't be considered worthy of being a staff member. Will you be fair and respect players, listening to both sides of the story if any conflicts arise? -> Yes in any scenario. That's what we do and that is what I'll do. Scenario- Player A drops his pickaxe on the ground and player B picks the pickaxe up... Player A asks for the pickaxe back but player B won’t give it back. Player A then goes on to flame and swear at player B, What do you do to player A and or Player B? How will you deal with this conflict? How will you resolve it? What actions will be taken? -> First you ask Player A to calm down. Then you politely ask Player B to give back the pickaxe. If Player B is unwilling to give back the Pickaxe you must take it from him yourself. Due to not listening to a staff member and also breaking a rule, the result should in turn lead to a temporary or permanent ban. In the event of a major catastrophic event, are you able to come online and calm the community down? -> My charismatic skills don't rival that of world leaders but I can get the job done. Will you support the server by mentioning us to your friends or anywhere? -> Yes of course and any server i join usually gets recommended to my friends and family. Will you be dedicated to MC Legends -> Dedication is not a quality found in many people. They become lazy and move on. Whilst I will stay and keep my job as an admin a priority. Why should we consider you? -> I have many servers worth of experience, due to low funds they shut down. I also had once co-owned a server with my friend. I don't plugins but I can relate and co-play with players. Do you have previous staffing experience? -> Yes Anything else we would like to know? -> Thanks anyway if I get it or not....
  2. IGN) SlappingAssassin Age) 17 Location) USA How long have you been playing Minecraft) 3 years What keeps you playing Minecraft?) a need for exploration and adventure
  3. IGN:SlappingAssassin Age:14 Maturity Level; 10/10 Fav Mod: Probably IC2 and BuildCraft cause of Quarries (: Why?: Well like most i hate griefers and i am looking for a friendly and kind enviroment
  4. IGN:SlappingAssassin Age:15 Why? Looking for a nice and small server where people help each other out.
  5. IGN:SlappingAssassin Age:15 Tekkit Experience:Few Years Griefed before?:Nope Skype:Will PM
  6. IGN:SlappingAssassin Age:16 What I want to be?:Mod Expreince: I have tons and am looking for a nice community to help. Y?:Looking for a community to help Building Skills:Sort of
  7. IGN:SlappingAssassin Y?: looking for a nice small happy server
  8. Name:N/A IGN:SlappingAssassin Age:16 Preferred Mod:IC2 or AE Are you banned in any server(Y/N) N
  9. IGN; SlappingAssassin Age: 16 Country:USA Tekkit Experience: 3 Years nothing in ME Reason Why?: Looking for a nice and small happy community.
  10. IGN:SlappingAssassin How old are you: 14 Experience: Been playing tekkit for a few years. Why: Looking for a nice and small community without any griefers What I can bring?: I am a fun guy to play with. I can help when needed. Name: N/A Anything about me: No Location: Phx,AZ MST-8 Stuff about me: Look above Rules: Totally Agree
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