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  1. Name (No last name, please) Misha / Bram Username Coocla33 / Brambob Skype (optional) Age 12 / 13 2 reasons why do you like to play Tekkit The technology is realley awesome / You can be allot more creative with tekkit than with like attack of the b-team P.S. We are dutch
  2. Yo sir faps a lot, Ive played a long time on your server but im not whitelisted anny more >:(

    1. Sir_Faps_A_Lot


      Hey man sorry about that, I actually hadn't listed your name yet and the server must have restarted. I'll get ya listed again asap
  3. So ive played 1 day like 3/6 hours on this server and then my whitelist as removed >
  4. AGE: 13 IGN: Coocla33 MATURITY LEVEL: High for my age P.S. i am dutch SKYPE: Coocla33 WHY YOU WANT TO JOIN: I want a cool AOTBTeam server to play on because i dont like singelplayer
  5. Age 12 & 12 Skype name Coocla33 Minecraft username (ign) Coocla33 & brambob What are you best at? Machines Experience with minecraft modpacks 7/10 How long have you been playing minecraft? 2 years Favorite mod Buildcraft Will you be live streaming or recording for Youtube? mayby P.S. We want to join the server becaus we want to learn things and want to make frends P.P.S. We are from holland
  6. Name:Coocla33 & brambob Age: 12 & 12 Why we want to join: We are starters of tekkit and we joined other servers but we get griefed over and over time so mayby we can join this whitelisted server
  7. Hi im Coocla33 & brambob we are from holland and we are 12 years old we want to play on a cool whitelisted tekkit server that doesnt have lagg at al
  8. IGN: Coocla33 & Brambob Reason you want to join: We are beginning in b-team and want to learn things on a whitelisted server Age : 12 & 12 Favorite Mod: Morphs & MineFactory Favorite thing to do in Minecraft: Redstone and building Youtube : TheChickenGamer Building Ability: 8 & 6 P.S. We are from holland
  9. Help i waant to step into a dimensional door but than i crashed from the server and if i join the server im in the door and crash again this are the cords of the door: [10:53:52] Misha: x:1963 y:69 z:8

  10. Why is the server not on?

  11. I think if you delete the moon world map in the server config the moon is going to reset "i think"
  12. I forgot the modpack :P

  13. UserName: Coocla33 & brambob Interesting fact: we are 12 and we are from holland Best vannila build: Melon farm 21k melon per hour Best modded build: Infinite power Minecraft Style: Automatic P.S. please Whitelist me and if you do that please please please whitelist my fren (brambob) to.