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  1. How long have you been playing minecraft?: around 3.5-4 years What is your age?: 16 Have you ever been banned from any servers?: I have not and I played on a private server for atleast 2 years What can you bring to the server?: I will be able to bring my past experience of being on a server. I also Have a good knowledge about minecraft and some of the mods Tell us about yourself: I have a small vlogging YouTube channel and I enjoy recording anything and creating friends
  2. IGN:mattbenn08 Skype:matt2hip340 Do you accept the rules?: Yes Age: 16 YouTube: I currently have a vlogging channel but I can/will make a gaming channel and I have previous history with creating/maintaining a channel How active will you be?: very, atleast 2 hours a day Why should I pick you?: I played on a private minecraft server for two years so I know how to respect players and what is expected. I also enjoy building and I am friendly (sorry for the long reply)
  3. IGN: Mattbenn08 Reason you want to join: I love playing with others players and I can bring many things to the server Age: 16 Favorite Mods: Food+, Morph, Better storage, Biomes o' plenty and advanced genetics Favorite thing to do in Minecraft: Build, have fun, explore Youtube: Not at the moment but may get into it Building Ability on Scale of 1 to 10: 6.5
  4. Username: mattbenn08 Skype: matt2hip340 Age: 16 Timezone: British summer time Why you want to be on the server: I want to be on the server because I love playing with other players and I can bring a lot to the server
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