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  1. Thank you, I am trying to find something that I can play with my family and grandchildren and this looks like a good one. I have tried to get mods to work together but I always end up with them clashing or the whole thing lags slower than a snail in molassass. Is there a secret to getting modpacks to work together or is it just luck of the draw?? By the way, from what I have seen this does look like an amazing collection of mods put together, KUDOS to you!!
  2. OK i am still fairly new to this and do not wish to offend anyone, but I tried to downlaod your mod and it keeps crashing on the install. The only error I get is [Error downloading file for the following pack: Hexplore-It Failed to download Please consult the modpack author.] So I am here hopefully trying to get a hold of the author and to help an old coot here out!! GamingGrandpa