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  1. Name: John Skype:john.swinehart1 IGN: WaywardWolves Age: 22 Timezone: Central U.S. (GMT - 5) I played on one other B-team server for a couple of days and it was constantly offline. I realize our time zones aren't the closest, but if the connection is good and the lag is bearable I think it could be a good time. EDIT: I do plan to record if I am accepted. Just a quick FYI. Since another applicant shared a photo I suppose I can too. Here's a picture of a building I managed to throw together on that first server I mentioned.
  2. Is this server still accepting new members? I submitted my application a few days ago and haven't heard anything. Just want to know what's going on :)
  3. IGN: WaywardWolves Why do you wish to join the server?: This server will not only give me an excuse to record but I'll hopefully get to play with some fun people. How often will you be on? Everyday. Work and wife permitting. How often will you create episodes? At least one a weekend. As time goes on I'll try to create more each week. Would you be interested in doing 'crossover' episodes?: I'm not sure I understand. Like a collab between other players? Provide a link to a previously created YouTube Episode/Series: My old channel is StoneddMC. Just don't judge a book by its cover. I'm still
  4. Your IGN: WaywardWolves (perfect fit huh? ) What is your age? (there ain't no shame ) 22 Why do you want to join this server? I want to play on a server with this modpack, pretty straight forward I think. Are you a explorer, builder or crafter? Builder for sure What do you expect from this server? Respect from other players, as I will give nothing but. Are you going to record? (this doesn't affect your chance of getting accepted) Yes I will record Are you willing to donate? (also this doesn't affect it, just curious hehe) Depends I suppose. I'd have to get a feel for the server f
  5. IGN: WaywardWolves Age: 22 Why do you want to join: I'm looking for a server to play on, American based for lag issues, as well as an adult community. Also, I know it says 30+. I'm just putting my name out there for consideration, if you could use 1 more player I hope I'm a good option. Strengths in Minecraft: Building for sure, as well as some knowledge in redstone mechanics (though I'm not up to date). I've recently gotten into the PvP scene a bit, but still consider myself an avid builder. How many years have you been playing MC: I bought the game early 2011, so roughly 3 years.
  6. IGN: WaywardWolves AGE: 22 Knowledge of this modpack on 1-10 scale: Maybe about a 5 or 6, I have a short learning curve for these kinds of things anyway. Why do you want to join?: I think the Bteam modpack looks like a lot of fun. The building is more of what I'm interested in, but definitely am not going to limit myself with the other features. Hope to hear back soon.
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