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  1. It appears that I have found the solution. Before I was copying the link of the "download" button from the popup that i got when i clicked on the file from the "my files" section. Apparently, you need to copy the link of the "dowload" button from the popup that you get when you click on the file from the "links section". It is a very small difference but it seems to be the problem. I hope this helps anyone else who has this problem!
  2. Really? cause i can click it and it asks if i want to download......? Do you know why that would be?
  3. I am have made a pack and put the pack on my dropbox. Then i copied and pasted the link into "Modpack Location." I then hit save and it gave me the error message "You must provide a valid link to your custom zip." My problem is that the link is valid as far as I can tell. Check it out for yourself: https://dl-web.dropbox.com/get/Tobmonst3r%27s%20Stuff/Test-0.zip?_subject_uid=123134277&w=AABw-xhTIisdBb2lFt8JdcU_A50JV-bkRl373vL6Mt4zJQ&dl=1 I am frustated and very confused. Please help.
  4. What mod controls the generation of basic ores (tin and copper) in this version. Please help. :?
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