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  1. Hello guys , so i want to play with my cousin with the modpack , attack of the b team , but i don't know how to create a server , someone can help me ???
  2. Man it works fine you are the best !!! If you need something it's just ask me
  3. Ok , i'll try it now ! one more time : Sorry for being so annoying
  4. It stil don' work The same problem , but i fix it. I think is my pc , can you test it ? http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/pirate-survival
  5. ok thanks https://copy.com/kmwpU0ICrxBT what i need to add to the link ?
  6. ok thanks, but where i can get the mod config ?
  7. Hy guys, so I create a modpack and it worked , but when i update him and put the mod better dungeons inside it won't work. It load's normaly, but when appears the minecraft icon I think : "Yes it works" but no ! It only go back to technic menu ! Someone help me please Here is the pack : http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/pirate-survival
  8. Hi guys, I create a modpak with plowmanplow's help, and it works fine ! Now I want to create a server to play in that modpack with my friends . Someone kows how to create a server without hamachi (like a public server) ?
  9. Thanx and realy sorry for be so anoying
  10. Ok how many time i have until the modpack is over ? And.... How i have the direct link ?
  11. So I just need to put this link to create my my modpack ? Thank you so much , If you need something in change say, i am good at design.
  12. Ok Forget i can't do it Do you know someone who can make the modpack for me ?? I can play the mods (except morph ) in original minecraft
  13. It still don't work , can you please help me ? Here you have the link http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/one-pieces-modpack It says the same thing
  14. Realy thank you , yo help me so much , i think i can do it now