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  1. 1. Girardawg 2. andrew.girardi 3. 22 4. 8-ish 5. Tinkers Construct and Carpenters Block 6. no, but I have wide experience with mods 7. No most likely won't record. 8. I should love? Minecraft of course! 9. I love building Bdubs, Keralis style like designs. Explorations biomes o plenty never makes me bored. I love seeing other builds. Pranks are fun too. 10. Im tired of single player for AOTBT 11. Very friendly guy who loves to kill lots of time on minecraft
  2. IGN: Girardawg Name: Andrew Age: 22 Time-Zone: Im in Pacific-Time Zone I live in SF Bay California I am looking for a server for me to play on I have been playing solo on AOTBT for couple month now. I get lonely and would like to be in a small friendly server. I am a college student with a minor in architectural design. I to use minecraft as my go to game and I would likely be on daily. I would be very respectful to others on the server. I love to build and design houses and villages. My understandings of the mods on this server are well rounded. I am an expert at Tinker's Construct, Biblocraft, micro blocks, and others although on thermal expansion, witchery, and necromancy mods I'm still learning. It'd be great to play on this server.
  3. Name: Andrew IGN: Girardawg Age: 22 How much do you know about the Modpack: I am a master Tinkerer. I have familiarized myself with the basics of all the mods. My knowledge of thermal expansion is till fresh though. Why should i pick you: I am a daily minecrafter. I am very responsible and I do my best to treat other with respect. I am a great builder and I can give many insites, ideas, and recommendations for builds. Are you a Adventure/Builder/Crafter: Builder all the way! I am a College Student with an architectural minor. LET US BUILD MAGNIFICENT BUILDINGS!!!
  4. Age: 22 IGN: Girardawg Why do you want to join the server?: I have been playing AOTBT for months now on single player. I get lonely and i like to share my beautiful builds. Looking for a friendly not to packed server.
  5. I would like to join. I am a very respectable player yet enjoy good pranks. My IGN is Girardawg
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