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  1. Thank you, everyone, for your applications. Kipmenu, Astonyen and InfetionX, you have been whitelisted. 4 more slots open.
  2. I'm a 38 year old Singaporean with a busy life schedule. Modded minecraft is my go-to-game when I need to de-stress. I recently rented a 10-man 24/7 server and am looking for mature and friendly people to create some life on the server. Ultimately, I'm looking for a small community, people who can become friends, who respect each other and still have fun. 1) All players should be age 18 and above. 1) I prefer players in the GMT+8 - +10 timezone (Aussie/NZ/SE-Asia). Among other things, you get to have people from your timezone to play with in the event I'm not around. 2) The stand
  3. This problem is becoming chronic and a big obstacle to alot of machine set-ups I intend to build. Does anyone have any insight on how to solve it at all?
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