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  1. Thank you, everyone, for your applications. Kipmenu, Astonyen and InfetionX, you have been whitelisted. 4 more slots open.
  2. I'm a 38 year old Singaporean with a busy life schedule. Modded minecraft is my go-to-game when I need to de-stress. I recently rented a 10-man 24/7 server and am looking for mature and friendly people to create some life on the server. Ultimately, I'm looking for a small community, people who can become friends, who respect each other and still have fun. 1) All players should be age 18 and above. 1) I prefer players in the GMT+8 - +10 timezone (Aussie/NZ/SE-Asia). Among other things, you get to have people from your timezone to play with in the event I'm not around. 2) The standard stuff applies - no spamming chat, griefing or stealing. If you have to stop and think about not acting in such a puerile manner, you are not the player for this server. When I get home I'm usually tired and just want to play and chat a bit. I have no patience with rule-breakers, griefers and trolls. 1 strike, and you are out. 3) All mods are included. No bukkit plugins which is why I expect a modicum of adult responsibility and maturity on the part of those who want to join. 4) Feel free to curse, we're all adults. Post your gameplay on youtube if that is what you want. Please fill in the following details in your application. I'll notify you if I consider you a good fit for the server. Thank you. In-game Name: Age: Home Location: Why do you want to play on this server: Experience with the mods in the pack:
  3. This problem is becoming chronic and a big obstacle to alot of machine set-ups I intend to build. Does anyone have any insight on how to solve it at all?
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