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  1. hey, i know that feeling and ive been looking for servers to join, but its hard.
  2. IGN: Eddylokks Age (no restrictions on age): 20 Experience level (with AotBT and/or MC): ive played MC for a little over a year now, AotBT just under 2 weeks What you are looking for in a server: im looking for a server were i can hang out with ppl to have a good time and chill after a long day or work. I also would like to learn all the different types of mods
  3. i would like to play on the Big Dig server because i would like to get to know this mod and since solo play gets boring i know playing on a multiplayer server will be fun and help me understand most of the mods in this pack. IGN: eddylokks Age: 20
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