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  1. Won't let me get on, I believe it's some of the mods I have installed that. What edits do I have to make to the basic AoTBT?
  2. The whole entire forum is mods and there is a gigantic war of mods banning mods. I wish I had a taco
  3. ign: Monkeyintx age: 15 gender: Male why you wan't to join: I want to find a small community so I have the opportunity to build without worry of my builds being destroyed. I also want to take advantage of a bit of pranking. (I'm not going to try to actually destroy/steal anything, just use a bit of witchery to my advantage) skype (optional but helpful to us): N/A
  4. 1. How long have you been playing Minecraft? I think I'm nearing 2 years, maybe 3. I'm pretty experienced with Minecraft and I can make a simple redstone machine, but I'm not amazing at it. 2. What is your age?: 15 3.Have you ever been banned from any server? If yes, why? No, I'm usually respectful. If I was banned then I probably have forgotten about it. I don't planned to get banned here though. 4. What skills can you bring to the server? Are you good at any mods? I am well-rounded and I enjoy building and a bit of mining. I'd probably not be doing anything related to Tekkit. I
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