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  1. Wizarding Empires Wizarding Empires is a modpack and server containing all of your favorite magic based mods! The server is intended for people looking for a primarily PvE experience but with access to PvP outside of protected areas and player claims. Unlike some other magic modpacks that have both magic and tech mods this pack is completely focused on the magic side of modding. On this modpack you can do anything from build a small witches hut to living in a true "Wizarding Empire" Banned Items: Blood TNT: Crashes/corrupts chunks Items that cause problems may be added
  2. The server is down temporarily as the admins move to a faster server. This makes me happy! EDIT: Back up at new IP: play.aeonianrealms.com
  3. If that's the case would someone with griefprevention override privileges mind coming to my house and destroying the pulverizor? EDIT: Just realized that would crash the server as well. Perhaps MCEDIT or something else to remove the pulverizor?
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