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  1. You'll find it in the CoFHWorld-Generation.cfg located in the CoFH folder.
  2. I just thought I'd follow up on this topic further. I've got a solution to this problem. It's not pretty but it does the trick. My IP is dynamic (as I'm sure most average folk's are), and whenever my internet or router is reset for whatever reason, I get assigned a new IP address. Every time the IP changes, Mapwriter looks at it as though you're playing on a fresh world save resulting in everything disappearing. The work around is to log onto your world after your IP resets and back out. This creates a new folder for the new IP address. Then go into your Saves folder followed by the ma
  3. I'm running a personal server for my family and a couple of close friends. I've got this problem that's really making me scratch my head and I could really use some help. Everybody's map markers vanish. It's a totally random event that usually happens when I shut the server down and restart. I run this server off my computer and I don't leave it running 24/7. I only fire it up when people want to play on it. The funny thing is, it doesn't happen all the time. It's really unpredictable and because of that, quite frustrating. We also have instances where explored areas of the map disappe
  4. Many thanks! I figured it was something so dirt-simple that I'd be embarrassed to ask about.
  5. Okay, noob question here. I can't seem to update to 1.0.10B I open up the options in the launcher (Build 439) and there's only one of 2 things I can select: - Always use stable launcher builds or - Always use Beta launcher builds. If I select Beta launcher builds, none of the Bibliocraft items show up in game. There doesn't seem to be an option that I can find to manually select 1.0.10B version to use. Any help would be appreciated as this is probably something really simple and I'm just missing it.
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