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  1. a mod suggestion the mini-map mod you have on take that off and put zans mini-map on it shows players and there names and you can set a waypoint and when you go deep it shows the map of that like if I go in a cave it would show the map of the cave and also install optifine(runs minecraft smoother and reduces lag and allow you to zoom in) Optfine:http://optifine.net/downloads.php Zan mini-map:http://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/zans-minimap/
  2. tub is there a time when mostly lots of people come online. if there is then. when is it
  3. techtub how come nobody is on the server I mean like there's like 1000+ views and 1000+ replies but no people on is really weird
  4. Username:nicky242 Age:9 Location:Canada Have you ever been banned from any servers?:no Can you read and write English (Note, Rules are in English)?:yes What’s Rule Number Seven?:obey staff(mods,operators etc.) Summarize your MC/Tekkit Experience:bought minecraft,found tekkit,found out basic machines,picked favorite mod etc.
  5. IGN:nicky242 Reason you want to join:beause I feel like I should just take a break from vanilla and play tekkit and I feel that playing on a white-list server will make me feel safer so there is no griefing Age(optional): Favorite Mod:buildcraft,morph,mine factory reloaded etc. Favorite thing to do in minecraft:explore,build and just play around Youtube: Building Ability on scale of 1 to 10:7 but I do like Trying to build new things Time zone:Eastern Time Do you want to participate in the UHC?:I don't really think that I would do it
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