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  1. Bradleg's neonshift server was being regularly updated with new classes, skills, and features up until HSM was removed.
  2. http://www.technicpack.net/hackslashmine Take a look at this. I created an account just to send all of you guys on this forum this news that I found today. On the right side of hack/mines webpage, I see this. Get Hack/Mine Hack/Mine has been retired from the Technic Launcher and is no longer available. If you are looking for an adventure oriented modpack please try Hexxit. The reason I looked here was because my HSM would not launch today from the techniclauncher. Is this coincidence, or a sneaky attempt at removing HSM from the launcher. I must note that NOTHING on the techniclauncher itself made note to HSM being removed. I'm deeply disheartened to see this mod go. Bradleg's hack/mine server had a strong and tight knit community, and I will miss all of the friends that I met there. I think that this modpack provided something more dynamic and fun than Hexxit or any other modpack, and I hope that the Technic team reconsiders pulling this mod from their platform. I'd also like to know if there's any other way to play Hack/mine even if not on the base list of HSM mods.
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