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  1. i only have the option of 1 GB or less and i have the latest java version
  2. i dont even know what a log is. how would i know how to link it?
  3. i tried some of the things. didnt help much at all. any other suggestions?
  4. 1, i think optifine is already in there. 2, like what graphical settings? 3, i have no idea what RAM is :/ 4, i dont know what OS is but i think i have 64 or the higher one.
  5. I forgot to add this but it was ran out of memory but my memory can only go up to 1 GB! Can someone PLEASE help me?!
  6. how exactly am i supposed to change it to 1.5 or 2 (whatever you said) if it only goes up to 1?!
  7. I want to know why when i was playing before april and march that it didnt lag and when i got into march it started lagging. Any help please? I really want to play AOTBT again!