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  1. Just a quick follow-up. Given the infinite nature of this system, i'm not convinced that efficiency really even matters when it comes to the laser. I left it running at 6kRF/tick for 24 hours and wound up with the following, which for zero effort, I figure to be pretty good. Valuables Ores As always, YMMV.
  2. The wiring could be mostly eliminated if you were happy with the auto-spawner spawning all the time. Personally, I don't like systems running if they're not required, hence the wiring setup. The only bits really useful are those that feed from the sequencer to pulse former to repeater blocks for the automatic cleaver recharging. The enhanced portals are activated by redstone blocks, so active all the time yes. The main point of this build is the combination of auto-spawners and AA's that net me an excess of mob essence for powering the dynamos. The number of dynamos is more about me
  3. At this point, yeah. That and the rest of the processing system on the base. It's kinda just grown more than I really need Its not horribly complex though....once you get enough resources things become pretty straightforward. The spawner and killing chamber could easily be running just 1 reactant dynamo....I just wanted to stretch it to see what it was capable of.
  4. After messing about with spawning witches and creepers for glowstone, redstone and additional gunpowder, i decided that the MFR grinders weren't working fast enough for my needs. Mobs would build up in the killing chamber far too fast. It was then that I switched to autonomous activators, with 1-shotting cleavers with fortune on them. I found that while it took 150mB of mob essence to spawn a mob, I could kill one and harvest around 420mB. Straight away I realised that I could instead be powering my reactant dynamos with mob essence directly, and blaze powder as the solid fuel. This mean
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