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  1. So am I the only one who likes these mods and thinks they would be good add ons
  2. Like if you watch Ssundee and lancey they conquer the buildings then steal them and use them for stuff so that would be fun
  3. you guys should add the archimedes mod so we can hijack all the buildings and stuff
  4. I has 2 mods that should be added to attack of the b team that I think are awesome and they are, like hexxit, the infernal mobs mod and the extra utilities mod they are both awesome mods and also fun and should be added to attack of the b team if you with me comment to this plz
  5. wait do i need to get win rar or something like that cause that never works for me
  6. Has anybody read this I mean take till half through summer for all I care I just want one
  7. I know that's why I said that idea was exceedingly dumb but one can wish
  8. Do I need 64 bit java? Also what modpacks there is none
  9. I mean like a lesser version of say hexxit or attack of the b team and actually play it kind of like you would normally or make it like a modded pocket edition
  10. oh yeah i also need it to be able to run on a 32 bit computer and run on 1 gig if some one can do this i coldnt thank you enough
  11. i don't know if this is aloud but can someone make a modpack with tinkers construct and morph mod and some other cool mods for me plz i dont know how to make a modpack i tryed but couldnt so could someone be kind and do this for me thx
  12. Pretend it not there and I do ideas like that too often so yeah forget the second suggestion
  13. Just forget the second one
  14. Two suggestions 1. Add the infernal mobs mod it would make the game lots more fun and 2. This is a stupid suggestion but make an attack of the b team app yes this second one is a dumb idea so pretty much ignore it
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