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  1. Hey i made a pack and i want it to look official so can someone make a logo for me? Ill give a shout out to them if they "win" and i chose there pic. The pack is called Mini B-Team Please anyone? if this is in the wrong forum please tell me where to put it. THANKS!
  2. I had a guy make a pack for me using solder but he left out a mod. how do i put it in there???
  3. Here is a pack that has the core mods of the b-team pack like TinkersCT and Galacticraft and Carpenters blocks! HAVE FUN!
  4. I dont know if you know how to get the CoFH mod and make ore generation like the b-team pack. if you do please add that1
  5. Oh don't add maybe have an update! Just read rules sorry!
  6. YES!! i want a VERY simple pack. Name: mini b-team Description: a mod pack that has a little of everything! Maybe we will have a update including a few more mods. (Mod list) thanks for downloading! Version: 1.6.4 Mods: thermal expansion Tinkers construct Biomes o plenty Immmibis micro blocks Carpenters block Optifine Not enough items Reis mini map Galacticraft And morph! Maybe more mods if I can later. PLEASE make it! Thanks! For doing this
  7. Oh and I want a mini map too. It can be anyone.
  8. sorry for my impatience. The reason i want a simple pack is i have a 32bit laptop and it cant handle tons of mod so thats why i want one wwwith 20 or lesss mmods
  9. Ok. I just wanted a modpack like just for me but its hard so i asked in a different disscusion for help. thanks for replying!
  10. Hey guys i cant seem to make a mod pack so i need help! can someone make a mod pack with Thermal expasion tinkers construct biomes o plenty morph project red galacticraft not enough items or too many items optifine minefactory reeloaded and immmibis micro blocks?
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