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  1. Hey i made a pack and i want it to look official so can someone make a logo for me? Ill give a shout out to them if they "win" and i chose there pic. The pack is called Mini B-Team Please anyone? if this is in the wrong forum please tell me where to put it. THANKS!
  2. I had a guy make a pack for me using solder but he left out a mod. how do i put it in there???
  3. Here is a pack that has the core mods of the b-team pack like TinkersCT and Galacticraft and Carpenters blocks! HAVE FUN!
  4. I dont know if you know how to get the CoFH mod and make ore generation like the b-team pack. if you do please add that1
  5. Oh don't add maybe have an update! Just read rules sorry!
  6. YES!! i want a VERY simple pack. Name: mini b-team Description: a mod pack that has a little of everything! Maybe we will have a update including a few more mods. (Mod list) thanks for downloading! Version: 1.6.4 Mods: thermal expansion Tinkers construct Biomes o plenty Immmibis micro blocks Carpenters block Optifine Not enough items Reis mini map Galacticraft And morph! Maybe more mods if I can later. PLEASE make it! Thanks! For doing this
  7. Oh and I want a mini map too. It can be anyone.
  8. sorry for my impatience. The reason i want a simple pack is i have a 32bit laptop and it cant handle tons of mod so thats why i want one wwwith 20 or lesss mmods
  9. Ok. I just wanted a modpack like just for me but its hard so i asked in a different disscusion for help. thanks for replying!
  10. Hey guys i cant seem to make a mod pack so i need help! can someone make a mod pack with Thermal expasion tinkers construct biomes o plenty morph project red galacticraft not enough items or too many items optifine minefactory reeloaded and immmibis micro blocks?
  11. I need help making a modpack. I watched tutorials and it sortof helped. i can get my pack on the launcher but the game either goes on minecraft but its vanilla or it says its starting then goes to the launcher. Anyone know whats wrong? Or just i need a REALLY good tutorial If someone could tthat would be awesome!
  12. Ohhh my gosh THANKYOU SOOOOO MUCH! hahaha!!! You made my life come true! and yes when i mean 'Crazy ore generation' i do mean that! Thanks again! Oh and one more question. where do i put the mod? in the config file or just the mods or the coremods? or bin?
  13. Sorry to be picky, but whats that? And is a little more detail would be great!
  14. I am trying to make a mod pack and i want the crazy ore generation in it. How do i get it??
  15. Age 12 IGN: randrew3421 why do you want to play on this server: A good tekkit server that i can play with friends and have fun!!! What do you want to build: A sweat overworld base, moon base, space station, nether base, and end base! THANKS!
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