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  1. 1.CraftingChurro 2. TheMinecraftChurro 3. yes 4.16 5.yup 6.ya totally you'll get prank back though ;D 7.No griefers Hope to see you there
  2. Application:: Name: barezi or call me breezy IGN: CraftingChurro Skype(MUST HAVE): theminecraftchurro Youtube: theminecraftchurro Age:16 Why Do you want to join?: i wanna make a lets play of a whitelisted server public server they greuf me to much XD Anything Else: hopefully you'll accept but if you don't its fine just take the time to think about it
  3. Requirements IGN? CraftingChurro Would you do crossover episodes? yes Skype Name? theminecraftchurro Link to previous episode? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dLtTPEiQws Why would you like to join? i would like to join so i could start an attack of the b team series and for making youtube friends Why should we choose you? well I'm just a fun guy and i think this would be a great opportunity to grow my channel and make some youtube friends Information Whitelisted 1.0.10b Cool youtuber community
  4. 1. Ign: CraftingChurro 2. Age: 16 3. Skype (Helps us communicate) TheMineCraftChurro 4. Experience with AotBT? yup lot of single player 5. What mods are you going to focus on the most? witchery, advanced genetics etc... 6. Do you have any projects in mind?(Be creative) i have some projects in mind 7. Would you add/remove any rules? Do you agree with all the rules? the rules are just fine
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