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  1. Haha yes, I have JUST FIGURED THAT OUT. It is running smooth as butter now. Thanks Bochen415 anyway! I don't use forums much, could you somehow close this thread? Thanks!
  2. This is classified as an in-game bug. This happens all the time (10/10). Steps: Open the latest version of Technic Launcher Ensure that java version is latest (64 bit update 60 java 8). Allocate 2gb of RAM. I have tried 512mb, 1gb, 4gb, 12gb, they all stutter. Open Tekkit Legends (takes a minute or so, I have installed on my SSD). Create world/Play selected world. (Takes several minutes). Stutters extremely badly. Sometimes gets better, stuttering once every two seconds, but still unplayable. Sometimes the game also crashes when opening inventory/chest etc. crash-2015-10-02_10.56.21-client.txt I have Java 8 Update 60 installed. I have a powerful enough graphics card (AMD HD 7850, not powerful, but good enough for minecraft). This issue only happens with Tekkit Legends, other modpacks do not suffer from stuttering. I understand that this is in early dev and may still be buggy but I cannot find other people with the same issues. Thank you
  3. So I've been running a 1.6.2 Terrafirmacraft server with my cousin (at home) for a few months now. When the 1.6.4 update was released, I (stupidly) updated the mod-pack. So when I attempted to go on to the server, I realized I would have update the server to 1.6.4. I did copy and pasted the 1.6.2 server "world" file into the 1.6.4 server folder. When I tried to join it, I was half-way into the ground, and I could not interact with any objects like chests and breaking torches would drop nothing. Rei's minimap was replaced with another one and I saw my home on the minimap, but the whole surrounding area was unloaded and was black. About 30 seconds into joining, I crashed and I could not rejoin. So I think the problem is that some mods have been removed and the 1.6.2 world files are entirely different to the 1.6.4 files.