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  1. Hi guys. I picked up my death enderchest to bring it to my new house. Once placed down i am unable to pick it up (using a wrench) or even look in it ( i dont have the permission). Does someone know what i am doing wrong?
  2. I live under my church on a redwood island
  3. hi guys. can anyone tell me how to change the spawnpoint for new players on an aotbteam server? preferanbly by changing the level.dat and not using mcedit. pz!
  4. on top of the site theres "Tracker" next to "members" thats the place for this topic is what he means
  5. hi yourmomiscallinnme. did it work for you? i added the sound folder from sphax sound pack to the sphax texturepack but still get te normal sounds. anyone?
  6. you were right weirleader, thank you for helpen a noob. (i tought the undergroud mode was under the "u" key)
  7. il try that when im home from work and let u know. thanks!
  8. hi folks! Im playing on a server and often my map goes totaly black and i need to discover everything again to make it visible on the map. when i do this the map gets displayed in a different way as it normaly does. with a lot of "shadows". can someone tell me whats happening and what i can do about it?
  9. hi wreking wiking! I'd really like to join your server. I'm kinda new to the aotbt mods and all but would like to learn and laugh with members in a community like you are describing. I'm in to having fun, building nice things and exploring the world and the mods. I'm 28, from The Netherlands and in real live i like to draw and paint murals. My IGN is Mas_Ink. (will install skype tomorrow) I really hope you will let me take part of your server! peace!
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