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  1. Ign: mrbobcatfish Age: Not saying HERE, will say on Skype etc. Skype: [email protected] (if that doesn't work, tell me your contact name) Why would you like to join the server: I have been looking for a small server to play on, as almost all servers i have gotten have either "died" or had to convert to vanilla Why would you want other people to be on the server: Cause having a large community makes for larger laughs!
  2. Ign: mrbobcatfish Age: 16 Skype: the microsoft account [email protected] (not sure how ms accounts work so if you cant find me as a contact them just pm you your skype name) Experience: Not very much, but i know most of the "Ins and Outs" of the pack, but not knowing much makes things more interesting Focus: Tinkers' construct, Biomes o' Plenty, Project Red (Not sure what i will mainly focus on, as i still don't know much) Projects: I have a project planned to make a Gothic Cathederal, and When i finish possibly a labrynth Rules: I agree with most, but for the a
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