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  1. Bah. I was hoping it would work.
  2. I have a possible suggestion for a Technic modpack: Technic Ultimate. Now, what does this entail? I'm glad you asked. It'd be a modpack containing EVERY SINGLE MOD in the 4 main Technic modpacks (Tekkit, Hexxit, Attack of the B-Team, Voltz). How about it?
  3. Alright then. thanks for letting me know about these practises. Now I can understand.
  4. Also, what would be the point of including the config files if everything already works as intended as-is? They are automatically generated anyways.
  5. @PlowManPlow: When I wrote that, I didn't take in account that most modpacks were still made for 1.6, or that I forgot to say you should test them nonetheless. Nevertheless, I would suggest you take the mods you wish to include in your modpack, put them into your regular Minecraft game and test it out. From there on, edit the configs in there, test it out again, and used the new config folder for your finished modpack.
  6. Depends whether or not you actually want to change something you'd find in the configs. If you want the mods to be as-is, you don't have to include any configs. If you do want to change a config option, I suggest you copy the config file from your regular Minecraft with that mod installed and modify it as you wish.
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