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  1. This is extremely helpful. Thanks! I'll see what I can do. I always was able to log onto a Hamachi server that I hosted on my own computer (vanilla), when I used my old Windows XP dinosaur. Today I learned
  2. I have 64-bit Java installed, I have Hamachi running (I used to use it all the time for vanilla servers), and I opened the launch.bat batch file. The server runs perfectly fine from what I can tell; I even scrubbed through all of the forge modloader text files in search for errors and such. When I add a server with my computer IPv4, with or without the server port extension, it is not detected. I even tried to host a vanilla (snapshot) server using Hamachi, and I have encountered the same problem, which leads me to believe it's a computer issue and not the server itself. I've tried experimenting with every variable I could think of in the file, but to no avail. Any suggestions, anyone? I'm attempting to run the Attack of the B-Team 1.0.12a version server. Also, disabling my computer's firewall and not using Hamachi is not an option. Environment: Windows 8 (64 bit), Java 64 bit, decent internet, LogMeIn Hamachi, sugar, spice, and a dose or two of ignorance... (I don't quite expect anybody to be able to tell me exactly what that issue at hand is, but suggestions of things to try is greatly appreciated. I am trying to get this server running for a buddy and I)
  3. When I had ID conflicts in my modpack, I just opened the config file for one of the 2 mods that shared that ID, and changed the number to something in the range of suggested numbers. After that, it worked perfectly fine and it didn't cause any problems. That may or may not be the problem, though.
  4. When I download the zip from the 1.6.4 link, chrome (my browser) blocks the file as malicious (malware). Is there somewhere else I can get a template? I think all I really need is the text to go in a .txt document to turn into a batch. I dont actually want to run a server on my PC, but rather make a separate zip file for anyone else to run a server for my modpack.
  5. Would that .jar file be the installer/a different file from the forge website, or the new jar file that forge makes when you install it? Thank you
  6. I compiled a custom assortment of mods today, and I finally was able to get the pack up and I was able to get the launcher to download the pack from my dropbox. The platform URL is: . When I click play and the launcher verifies the files and whatnot, the game loads as vanilla. I compared the files I have with the files in my Attack of the B-Team folder. I do not have a modpack.jar in my bin folder. At first I thought that I did not upload a folder that contained Forge, and that may be the case, but I think I am just extremely confused. In addition, I uploaded my modpack zip folder with a minecraft.jar, which from my own research,I understand is apparently piracy, and that was NOT my intention. lol. Please excuse my facepalm-worthy ignorance --sincerely, a Minecrafter and YouTuber with inspiration *Edit* I forgot to mention that I tried the entire assortment of mods in the Vanilla Minecraft launcher, with forge and everything, and it runs fine. When I load the game through Technic, it loads modless.