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  1. Well, it seems you know more than I do, however instead of saying "This won't work" and giving up, why don't we figure a way around it. This may not be my area of expertise, but if we have someone who knows how plugins work we can find ways around it. Since sending textures and models to the client cannot be done, lets think of other ways to achieve the same result. Are models another word for textures or do you mean something else like mob models?, correct me if I'm wrong. And for textures as far as I'm aware we can put every new block as a 'iron block' texture for example, but then have a 'custom server resource pack' for the textures. I'm pretty sure this works but again, correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. So, Tekkit Classic, one of the most buggy but still popular modpacks out there, almost everyone knows that this pack will never be updated again, due to some of the major mods like RP2 being discontinued and EE2 completely redone. Which is fine, I don't have a problem with Pahimar restarting EE, its probably the best thing for it. But Tekkit Classic just worked as a modpack, if you excuse all the bugs and banned items. As you can see from the title, I want Tekkit Classic to be updated, yes, right to 1.8 However, rather than it being 'updated' or even remaining as a modpack, I see it working incredibly well to turn this into a minecraft 1.8 plugin. I personally have some exams coming up soon with school, so I will be getting busier within the next 2 months, however whats good about this is that once they are done I can focus more on bringing back Classic Tekkit for minecraft 1.8. So, between me and some of my friends, we can host the server 24/7 fine, and sort out more or less everything that side, but we are missing at least a few staff but mainly the cost involved of hiring a professional developer to make this plugin. We have no idea what its going to cost to get a developer to do this, but I have asked for some quotes so will find out soon and set a target! The developer will be the main cost, and after that should only be the monthly cost for a server host. Although I am going to use a dedicated computer until we have lag problems and/or we have the money for speedy internet hosts! So let me know below if you can help out in any way (although it might be better to Skype me, we need some good builders, probably some staff, money, and any ideas you guys might have regarding changing features of items and adding new ones. Feel free to add me on Skype, my Skype is ImaTimelord7, the one with the ImaTimelord7 Logo, I am on Skype almost everyday and my timezone is GMT+12. I think that's everything! I cannot wait!
  3. Hey, I want to play Tekkit Classic with 1-3 other people, I can host a server that is port forwarded, msg me.
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