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  1. Minecraft Name: droogy343 Skype Name (required-Lady Z wants to speak with each applicant to ensure they understand the server rules) Will give if accepted Age: 18 Experience with Attack of the BTeam! (1-10): 5 Favorite Mod: Tinkers Construct and Thermal Expansion Do you plan to record? No What does Zaepora love? Ocelots What do you like to do in Minecraft? Build a base and expanding Why do you want to be on our server? I've been looking for a small-ish AoTBT server to play around with other people and learn new things. What else should we know about you? I'm about to graduate with summer just around the corner and I have a lot of free time
  2. In-Game Name: droogy343 Age: 18 Why do you want to play on this server: Because I've been watching bdoubleo and generikb since they started their AoTBT series and recently started playing and instantly got addicted What DO you like to do (Build, Mine, etc.): Mining but not needed too much, and somewhat building. What DON’T you like to do: Farming Experience with modpack (1-10): 5 What is love: Night at the Roxbury Squirtle or Pikachu: Why is this even a question... Squirtle.
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