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  1. Im sorry guys but the server wont be on for a while from now on :/ the project has ended more or less.. But i'll let you know if the server is coming up again!
  2. It's a tekkit classic server! I don't know if i said it but, this server is private and i can't have it up 24/7 cuz then my computer would go insane. And im sorry to say guys, but i wont be on the server today untill like 8 pm cuz im going to a party. So you have to survive alone or with some other people on the server. i wont be there to guide you D:
  3. hey again guys! it's cool to see that you all replied to the post! Im gonna add all of you on the white-list so you are all good to go on the server ! ^^ The server is not on atm, it will be on tomorrow around 13:00 GMT +1 cuz im fixing some of the ranks. And also we actually don't really need anymore help with our factories on the server, so you are all good to start up your own company if you want to! as i said, feel free to team up with anyone on the server but just make sure to be nice and don't do anything stupid on the server, ok? cuz if you do grief or rading you will be perma banned. anyways hope to see you guys on tomorrow!
  4. hey! i have a private server up and running, and the few people that are on wants all to make factories and companies. So we all said that we would need some co-workers or something to help us build our business or if you don't want to do that, you could start your own business! if you want to join you need to fill in ~~ Minecraft name : Age : if you are gonna start own business or help someone with their? : how experienced are u with tekkit? : ip :
  5. Ehmm sure you can join! the server is not a 24/7 server cuz i don't want to fuck up my computer. anyways the ip is :
  6. i guess you can watch this :S idk really, i have never installed shaders myself
  7. Hey man, if you want you can join my private server. We are about 5 people on the server and we are all friendly and we are also building factories! how old are you and what's you're minecraft name?