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  1. MineCraft Name:ShadowKS Skype Name:Marin Anić Age:Im turning 17 this year Experience with Attack of the BTeam(1-10):id say 7-8 FaVORITE Mod:witchery and flans are my favs but other mods are cool also Do you plan to record? No What do you like to do in Minecraft:build and just have fun.trying out new mods Why do you want to be in this server:got tired of singleplayer,and never actually played on whitelisted server only on public ones with alot of griefers and that ruins the experience,it would be cool to have group of ppl to hang out with online What else should we know about you?Not much to say,im on my 2nd year of high school,living in Croatia,like to joke around and have fun
  2. Minecraft Username: ShadowKS Where u found this server: i was looking all over internet for nice whitelisted server and i founded this one on techinc forum Why you want to be on this server:got tired of singleplayer and i always played on public serers where there was alot of griefing but i really want nice group of ppl to play with What are you planning to do on this server: have fun,build,meet new ppl Your favorite color:storm blue
  3. Minecraft Username: ShadowKS Age:16 A bit about yourself:currently goint to school for cumputer technician,few more test and the second year is over,im from croatia Why should you be invited? looking for small ''family'' online,ppl i can have fun with and joke around without fear of being griefed PS:how to know if im accepted?
  4. why just not post ip here,i mean ppl that are not whitelisted cant enter server and ip wont help them
  5. sorry to interupt topic,but i didnt got request at skype,sorry to annoy
  6. 1. IGN:ShadowKS 2. Age:16 3. Maturity Level (1-10):8,goes to zero when i eat to much sugar 4. Experience with AOTBT:still learning some mods,tinkerer and genetics stuff but im good with the rest 5. Skype Name:Marin Anić(house stark sigil picture if u have problems finding me) 6. Personality:friendly,but sometimes i want to be alone,i like jokes,dont mind if some1 is joking about me 7. Good at Building?:im super builder if i watch keralis tutorials/just kidding im quite good) 8. Why should you be accepted?:looking to get away from non-whitelisted servers and all of the griefers and stuff,just want small community to enjoy minecraft with I, _____Marin Anić_________, have read the rules and have accepted them with pride and honor.
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