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  1. is somenoe able to give me the IP Add me on skype plz Im accepted but canʻt get a hold of the owner Thanks
  2. Malu Kauai12 kauai121 17 Sort of depends on school work load Looking for a server that is white listed to just play in a small community so yeah 3 I want to discoer more and play with friends
  3. Not sure if you can see the Skype or if you are asleep I am wondering about the IP Message me on skype if you can THX Sorry just realized the Time you guys have SORRY
  4. We should get a Skype thing Up just to be able to talk to one and other while in game to avoid the whole chat thing Does get tedious after a while
  5. Ign: Kauai12 Age: 18 Country: Hawaii Why totalattack? Looking for a server in general to play on. Havent played in a while and am getting back into it. So I decided to give attack on b-team a try and your server has essientials and anti-grief so I decided to apply.as the guy above not to sure about all these 13 year olds though. Also if the lag is as terrible then I am gone. But ill try it out first Would you find my name on MCBANS? Hopefully not since I've mainly played on my friends and I don't know what mcbans is. Do I agree with the rules? I agree. You can accept or not. Theres plenty of others looking but I am a highly dedicated player who can no life in the evenings. I like to landscape mainly and make a nice big storage facility and try helping others. Same to what the guy above me said I like sorting things out and keeping things organized and sometimes symmetrical, but I only can play once in a while due to school and ect. Hopefully you accept Me
  6. 1. IGN:Kauai12 2. Age:17 3. Maturity Level (1-10): About 8 4. Experience with AOTBT: for AOTBT a bit but ive played with many modpacks with these mods and I usually learn quickly 5. Skype Name:kauai121 6. Personality:Outgoing, fun, nice, Wanting to meet more careful people who play minecraft and have fun on and awesome server 7. Good at Building?: I would say I am a decent builder with the exception of giant builds, for some reason I really like them, and woud want to see some go up on the server with my help of course 8. Why should you be accepted?: I have been watching BDoubleO and Chim and the others play this modpack together and i would love to have this kind of experience with this modpack with other people. By having a whitelisted server I think that I would not have to worry about trust issues with people. I,Maluhia, have read the rules and have accepted them with pride and honor.
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