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  1. "All has fallen into chaos, as magic returns to the world. Magical beasts are falling through the cracks into our world, while the dead rises again. Fight for your life with friends, or pick off those less fortunate than you..." We're starting up a brand new modded factions server and we're taking PvP'ers of all types! Come and join us for the return of magic to the world, and the apocalypse that follows it. We're still currently in beta builds, but we're now opening the server to the public. We'll happily accept any feedback or suggestions out there from experienced players, just drop your c
  2. How does an aspiring new server go about finding an experience and professional build team? We have several projects we'd like to have built, and none of us have much large scale build experience of our own.
  3. I am also curious when this new Hexxit for 1.7.10 will come out as the recommended build, is there any info on the subject?
  4. Are they any protection plugins for bukkit that currently protect against the Minions mod? I'm on a team trying to open up a new faction/pvp attack of the b team server, and we'd really like to leave the mod enabled. Right now the Minions seem to be bypassing every protection mod we've tried, (Essentials Protect, Factions, WorldGuard).
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