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  1. Its not a bug, i have done so you can't claim in the tropic world since we do reset it once in a while Also server is updated to 1.0.7
  2. OP updated with new IP and more ram. Still a good time to join the server, lots of polite and friendly players to play with.
  3. That was 1 day Lots of fun, lots of players around Poke your head in if you like to have fun, i promise we are worth checking out.
  4. Got any logs? never used iconomy and can see the last version is close to 2 years old, might wanna look into a other eco plugin, i my self use Essentials
  5. Update the server to 1.0.2 skillz seems like it don't work on mcpc + there ain't a 1.6.4 version Worldedit + world guard again make sure you have the right version, have set some extra premgenspace with "-XX:PermSize=128m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m" in your startup script, i would advice using 32 and 64 or 128 and 256 bankcraft, please provide plugin list and crash logs Crash reports are located inside the folder with all the server folder it should be in Crash-reports folder
  6. First server up early Release - Check First server updated and up for public - Check Server is running smooth - Check People are happy playin on the server - Check Come, and enjoy your time, trust me, you will hate having missed out on it.
  7. i tried with both recommended builds 203 and 223 and its the same on both
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