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  1. Lately, my friend, TheSanctusNex, and I have been recording Attack of The B-Team for our YouTube channels. We have been finding some difficulty getting our old server host to find time to start up a server when we need to record. It led to Sanctus recording last time and it effected us on both ends. I experienced lag and he lost video quality. We are looking for a server host that can be easily reached via Skype to bring up a server for a few hours of recording. You'll be put in a "trial" run before we make our decision if you'll be our host or not. There are a few minimum requir
  2. After donating 5 dollars for the early access to technic's promising new modpack, The Sanctus Nex, Lord of Melons, brings you the start of a new series: Attack of The B-Team! As a faithful partner of his, I took the liberty to generate more hype for him. Go watch it. You will get a cookie. You will get the chuckles, as well as an early look from a player's perspective. More players are soon to come. Without further adieu, here is the first episode! Part 1 - The Doors
  3. Might as well show off what I made for my hexxit YouTube series. (will probably be doing this for Tekkit too when I move on) I made everything for that in Adobe Illustrator. Touched up the title in Photoshop for added effect. On the left is my avatar riding a chocobo, the middle is the server host as a floating chicken head (I call him floating chicken head) and to the right is my partner, Christicus.
  4. I was curious myself, so what I did was right click the hexxit page and inspected element with google chrome. Here is a personal download link straight from the technicpack website. http://www.technicpack.net/audio/hexxit.mp3
  5. Wait, do we make these secret codes or are they given to us in some specific way? ._. I don't understand the concept of these codes yet...
  6. Username: MechSoldier Age: 18 Why Tekkitopia? I am looking for a good server to continue my tekkit series (After the server I was a major power on fell apart) along with my companions Christicus and commanderpoptart (both in 20s) Secret Code: 11Mec
  7. http://youtube.com/user/christiansalvatore1 -My YouTube Channel Episode 1 "Radiation Poisoning" In Tekkit Lite, I, MechSoldier (Christian Salvatore), accompanied by the commentary of my brother and the usual person on Skype with me, explore the land of tmekcraft, a public server I've been playing on. It starts off in the aftermath of a nuclear reactor explosion, crippling my house. I managed to survive only by a single health potion and a hazmat suit. From there, I work on rewiring the house, go somewhat insane, and end up moving out to take over a stronghold. A typical episode is 18
  8. I am currently tweaking my texture pack so it works with Tekkit Lite. From what I've noticed, people are annoyed about silver looking too much like diamond, so I was going to change it to a darker gray (as well as some other tweaks, but I am finding the other textures in the mods directory quite well) I cannot seem to find which mod handles the spawning of the tin, silver, copper ores. Assistance would be appreciated. Found the location Thermal Expansion handles the ore spawning in Tekkit Lite. Found it in block textures
  9. Ok...so I put the transformer here and...Shit, I just blew up my MFE...

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