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  1. HELP ME I was building a airship and by accident I clicked on the helm while the ship had no air ballons attached and I crashed on attempt to re log in I keep getting internal server error but I think I have come up with a solution to the problem after 2 hours of research it seems the only way to get me back on the server Is to delete my player data so I can re join please do this because I have progressed so much on this server and I don't want to start a new server this one is the best ive tried don't make me leave plz
  2. HELP ME I've been playing on himni for a while and it is a brilliant server but one problem yesterday I was making a airship and clicked on my controller and I got a internal server error so I re booted and on my attempt to re log in I instantly get internal server error sometimes I do get the option to L shift to dismount but it dosent respond and either I crash or get returned to the title screen please Help me I don't want to leave this server its amazing. From Bombman911 P.s I think Lolipopx knows where I live.
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