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  1. What is your username? PaperKrane What is your name? Jesse How old are you? 24 Location (State or City & Country)? Texas Have you ever been banned? Nope Which mod packs are you most familiar with? Some tekkit, FTB mostly. I love foresty and I've done BC/IC2 front and back. Pictures, videos, or descriptions of things you have built: I wish I had records of my stuff. I like to keep a very natural feel to my base, like a workshop you might see in Myst, or a high tech version of a frontier house. Carving a little space of humanity invaded by all the bannanas features from minecraft. My next project I want to build the leaning tower of Bisa, the walls of my base will be made of BEES! Are you community-oriented or a solo player? Community for sure, I get lonely with deserted homes and constructions. Almost to the point of drowning myself in lava. Do you have a microphone? Yup Are you willing to participate on a regular basis in TeamSpeak3? Absolutely (I'm hiding there now, shhhh.) How long have you been playing Minecraft? Too long to remember, from around the beginning. How long have you been playing modded Minecraft? I think original tekkit was the first pack I played. At what times do you typically play? After 6pm central, on the weekends. Are there any other games that you play? I'm a gamer at heart. Nowadays I play LoL if not minecraft, some single player games. (Sims, Don't starve, Strategy) How many hours a day do you play games? Too many, I'm not going to count for fear of an existential crisis. Do you have hairy arms? I would describe it as a fine, downy sort of hair.
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