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  1. Sadly most plugins will not stop grief/bypass. You have to edit the way the mod works. I have had to do this with a few servers I host to fix many of the errors. Unless you know someone who is good with Java and knows the ForgeAPI i suggest you just ban it
  2. this works with GriefPrevention and Towny. Sorry technic if you don't like the link affiliated with this plugin
  3. Hey there guys I'm here today looking for some top notch B-Team'rs to come moderate my server. We have many positions available and depending on what point you start you will begin in one of our 2 opening positions 1st is our helper who provides basic knowledge and helps out with the general need to the fullest of their extent 2nd is our chatmods who handle all unruly chat and make sure players maintain a level of respectful language suitable for all ages We also have Development and GFX applications open if you fancy yourself an artist or a genius **Links to Forms below** This is an Enjin site please login to fill out these forms! Standard staff App Dev & GFX App
  4. Website: Teamspeak3: MegaServers B-Team is up and running! We are running from a top notch dedicated server, with little to no downtime. - Specs CPU: intel xeon E5-1650v2 turbo'd 3.9GHZ RAM: 64GB DDR3 1600Mhz Network: 1Gps burst - Community Our community is small but very tight knit. Everyone is generally helpful to new players and is always welcoming more. - Our Goal Our goal is to provide players with a fun and enjoyable experience. We run this server packed full of features to do just that! We have a main hub packed full of Mini-games, one being our own custom spin off of a famous game type you may or may not know of. Gun game with a one in the chamber spin off. Come join and see what it is like in game. This hub connects to our main server, With this feature you and some friends can either team up and make a Nation with unstoppable power leading in witchery, Mad science, Archeology, Weapons, genetic mutations, or you can team up in the minigame server and build up your server balance. - Features and What we offer We have Full GC enabled Guns enabled Towny Minigames hub (Temporarily closed for maintenance) Custom Content (Halloween special easter eggs around the hub) AutoRanking Vip Kit on first join Player Shops (Any player can make one) Special ranks Upcoming events! Because of our latest upgrade we will be celebrating All players who join can post there username in this thread for a chance to win a FREE Legend rank weekly (This will last 1 month) Don't miss out! We always are welcoming any suggestions, and will gladly listen to them. We are doing this for the community
  5. Hey is the server up or are you putting it up soon. Just wandering and take your time to respond.

  6. Expect a PM from me soon. Both of you. EDIT: ip;
  7. Hello all today I'm here searching for devoted and knowledgeable staff to work on my Attack of The B-Team server. needed staff and available position *I will edit this topic upon new recruits being hired* Management - 1 Administrators - 2 Moderators - 4 Chatmods - 2 These are our open position and will be glad to pick anyone up who is able and willing to take on the responsibilities -Application form- Name(not required)= Username= Age(not required)= Knowledge of modpack(1-10)= Familiarity of Server-side commands(1-10)= Availability= *(hours you can be on daily, or how many days a week you can be on)* Experience(Must be Active servers)= Strengths(Anything you consider a strength)= Weaknesses(Anything you consider a weakness..Even chocolate)= Can you attend weekly staff meetings over skype= Skype Name(So i can contact you)= [You may also PM me the name, for privacy] What position do you think best suits you, and why= Good luck to all applicants, I'm looking forward to hearing from many prospects. Have a great day and please do not be shy
  8. I posted last night when i was sparse on time. Pretty much Galacticraft has some very bad tic issues, mainly mars it attempts to load a dungeon every chunk and about a day into players using mars it makes server TPS coast at about 3-5 TPS. I have the page where the developer gave the mod maker patched code to put into his newer projects but since i cannot run a server with a newer mod version i have to patch this current one. I know what you are thinking but adding the code will still allow the server to work, I had to do the same with voltz. Here's a link if you'd like to see the full set of details
  9. Hey there. If you are reading this and know how to recode mods using Java or have a Galacticraft patch for B-Teams current version that would be great. Anyone who can code but doesnt know how to patch it thats fine. I ahve the exact bit of code that needs inserting into the file i just cant do it myself. I will pay for this job or return any requested needs
  10. Rather rude remark you made. I normally allow my Dev to name a price and we work from there. The workload is not to extensive just a few patches here and there. Not to mention runnin an enjin server? If you mean site yes I am, and so are many other large scale communities let's take mineplex for example.. One of the largest networks and uses an enjin site.
  11. I;m looking to hire a few devs who are very knowledgeable and know how to patch bugs with mod editing or plugins etc. This is a paid job but we expect knowledgeable and skilled devs. contact me via PM email: [email protected]
  12. this problem happened to me when i used BukkitForge, are you running this? If you are switch to mcpc+ NOW!
  13. Does anyone know of a fix and or have a patch for mars' lag. I know that lag is due to dungeon gen and i know how to fix it with a re-code but i cannot have my dev do it as of now as he is working on another patch. If anyone has this i would really appreciate it and we can work out some sort of deal for it.