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  1. hello my name is mohammedmass IGN:mohammedmass age:14 skype:MhzDoesGames why i want to be on:msg me at skype to find out
  2. IGN:mohammedmass age:15 skype:MhzDoesGames d do you accept the rules: yes i do youtube:Mohammedmass (Sorry my channel is not in english) how active will you be?: every day i do youtube soo i have to record r8 but i dont do if for money just for fun i dont have ads on my channel soo i dont get paid why should i pick you?:well se i did do a singleplayer lets play but i did not like doing that i want to be with a small group of ppl we can do pranks its ganna be cool and i have been looking for a privet server for 2 months now i just want to record in a privet server. hope you like my app ANY THING ALES WANT TO KNOW ABOUT ME PLZ ADD ME ON SKYPE!
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