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  1. Okay, this clearly wan't announced to anyone on this page, so I will take the liberty of doing it myself. This server is no longer whitelisted. Anyone can join. Nobody needs to apply anymore. Just go on the dang server. There's no point in making applications anymore.
  2. IGN name: Moserao I have been playing modded Minecraft for longer than I can remember. Probably around 3 or 4 years. I am very familiar with this modpack. I have been banned from a server because the head admin's powers were taken and the one who took them banned me, along with anyone else who had killed him on the server. I have read all the rules on the rule page and will respect them. I know all about the mods in Tekkit Legends save for Forestry, which I'm still learning. I played Tekkit Classic as my first modpack, then moved on to Tekkit, then Voltz. My intent on the server is to get some
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