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  1. Double posting to refresh the post, a 2 day edit doesn't work so well. I had to delete hamachi which we tried using for LAN, didn't work.. apparently that's the IP we were using for servers, and was probably screwing everything up. So I must ask, how do I get the IP for the server? I can't find out from anywhere and it's really pissing me off that something so simple is wrecking everything. -.-
  2. My friend who is hosting atm has a DL rate of about 90 mbps and upload of over 10 mbps, so I doubt it's his lag either. I'll check tps next time we do it, It seems the lag is upon login, and teleporting to new area.. Pretty much loading chunks, not necessarily brand new chunks either. Then My game will slowly catch up, and I will see everything at like double speed for a couple mins Edit: The server tps was at 19.2 while I was lagging, and once I started loading it went to 20. After logging in I tried typing in chat, walking around our base and opening chests.. for me nothing until about 5
  3. 38 ms ping, 3.19 mbps DL, 1.24 mbps Up I don't have any lag issues on any vanilla servers, haven't tried any modded ones though. And usually no lag with any other games, often tend to be first one loaded etc, doubt it's that. Is any of these bukkit setting possibly relevant? ping-packet-limit: 100 connection-throttle: 4000 timeout-time: 300
  4. 8GB, and you mean how much have I allocated to my modpack in the launcher? 2GB, jumped that up to 3GB now though. My friend I believe is also about the same, I have him hosting so I can see the lag issues now and I get the exact same as he did. There is no single player lag, or lag on the server if you are the one hosting, so I figure it may be a problem with server ram.
  5. Got it all working (ish) now. Thank you for all the help! I have a weird lag problem that I put into the custom server tutorial page now though. =P
  6. Now I need some help, I got my pack working for single player, got it working on my server now too, and managed to be able to get my friend to connect.. However, when they connect, they basically lag out. They can't type, breaking blocks makes them dissappear for them and they get no drops, but for me mobs attack them etc that they don't actually see. I remember reading there were MCPC+ issues making servers crash when a second person joins, but that doesn't happen.. Nothing is shown as wrong by the server at all. Any suggestions? Also the server is 1.4.7 and I used the 1.4.7 server files from
  7. That's how I connected myself, but I'm unsure what IP would be used to allow others to connect to me.
  8. Got it working, just did trial and error till I got it going... Now comes my question that probably will make me come off retarded, and possibly rightfully so.. How do I connect to my server? And so I just leave the server.bat console up to keep it running? Also I found the server IP in the Properties file, but it's blank.. and I don't know what I'm supposed to set it to.
  9. Ah Probably needs to be in then, 1.4.7. Forge files are .. 1.4.7ASAddon_Hallowed_v1.0.4Forge.zip 1.4.7ASAddon_NetherEnder_v1.0.3Forge.zip 1.4.7AsgardShield_Core_v1.1.4Forge.zip Though this made me realize maybe I'm not sure what needs to be put in and not... Coremods CodeChickenCore NotEnoughItems Plus it also has a "chocolate" folder that I was sure I need to include and just put in with the other folders, maybe I was wrong about that.
  10. I need to know which mods should and shouldn't be kept for setting up a server for this pack me and my friend want to play. I have taken out the ones I'm sure need to be deleted or kept. Coremods is Code Chicken Core Mods Better storage 3 forge files Harken Scythe Backpack Damage Indicators Inventory Tweaks
  11. This SUCKS to learn at 10 pm when the friend I'm trying to do this for aswell as myself isn't on. xD I'm trying to revive an old old pack we used to play that I have the files for on my computer, Think I might have it thanks to this guide now though.'
  12. So, I have a modpack me and my friend would like to privately use, However, It fails to download if we try to download it. I put the files in dropbox, and to the website. It will start the download, pulls the pictures in it correctly, but after a second or two it just says it failed to download from: then the link. Is dropbox able to be used for this? If not, what should I use? Had some 'fun' Figuring this out for awhile (Figured it was a modpack problem for a looong time) and browsing the forums and almost gave up 10x. Using Copy instead of dropbox now, hopefully all will go well.
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